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  • A Play in Process

    Dave Deveau sent in this photo of what his new play, Dead Peoples’ Things, looks like the Friday afternoon before the workshop on Monday.  Part of the development process can be spreading the pages out on the floor and moving them around.  Or cutting pages into bits and moving the bits…

  • The Luso Bat Signal: An Interview with Elusive Portuguese Playwright Elaine Avila

    In this reprint from Howlround, PTC Associate Elaine Avila talks about her path to playwriting, her Azorean-Portuguese roots and telling stories missing from the stage. Playwright Elaine Avila’s grandfather, João Henrique Avila, was one of the first photographers in his village Ribeiras, Pico, in the Azores, Portugal. He came to…

  • Dispatches from Deneh’Cho Thompson on creating his Fringe play

    This is the first of a series of notes by Deneh’Cho Thompson on creating and developing his Fringe play. Deneh won the Fringe New Play Prize based on a statement of intention and some writing on a piece called The Girl Who was Raised by Wolverine.  It was apparent that…

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