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In the spotlight at PTC:

  • Call for Submissions for BLOCK SAT

    Playwrights Theatre Centre and Project SAT (South Asian Theatre) are calling for submissions from potential participants in a new series of dramaturgical discussions focused on exploring the heritage and potential of South Asian Theatre in the lower mainland, BC.

  • PTC’s Studio Workshop Series

    Set yourself up for a successful summer. These workshops will help hone your skills and move you deeper into your process. Whether you are an actor, producer, playwright, or all three, there’s a Studio workshop that will inspire you, engage you, and give you some practical skills to move your…

  • Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way

    Join PTC at the premiere of Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way, a new play and cultural encounter that gives voice to those who have lived within Canada’s long shadow of colonialism.

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