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In the spotlight at PTC:

  • PTC Announces WrightSpace Artists for 2018

    This year’s PTC WrightSpace residency (Dec. 5 – 15, 2018) brings four writers together with dramaturgs, actors, designers, and language consultants to crack open four scripts through bespoke dramaturgical processes. Barbara Adler, Tai Amy Grauman, Robert Hamilton and Yvonne Wallace are exploring the content as well as the processes they…

  • The Collaborative Possibilities of Mediaturgy

    In this piece by Katherine Swimm, reprinted from HowlRound, she discusses how working closely with the projection designer from the beginning of development of the play “Ripe Frenzy” resulted in a unique production with a deep connection between the design and the script.

  • Announcing our co-mentorship: mia susan amir and Heidi Taylor

    PTC is pleased to welcome our longtime friend and colleague mia susan amir into a co-mentorship with Artistic & Executive Director Heidi Taylor. As PTC’s Dramaturgy Research Associate, mia will advise on inclusive process design for our upcoming WrightSpace residency, and bear witness to the residency in December. Heidi will support mia’s development of access protocols and visioning for future projects.

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