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In the spotlight at PTC:

  • Dramaturgy Without Words by Kathleen Flaherty

    In our random occasional “What do dramaturgs do?” series, PTC Dramaturg Kathleen Flaherty talks about two of her more unusual company collaborations.

  • Save the Date! UNSCRIPTED: KUROKO – June 8, 2019

    At Unscripted: Kuroko, join Tetsuro Shigematsu for a behind-the-scenes party exploring the world of his upcoming new play, Kuroko. Test virtual reality environments, discover the ideas that sparked Kuroko, and see a sneak peek of the play.

  • Care To Dance Dramaturg? The Invention of a New Craft

    This essay, published 30 years ago in the Canadian journal Theatrum, authored by two dancer-choreographers and a dramaturg: Denise Fujiwara, Tama Soble, and DD Kugler, is a pioneering document, one of the first case studies describing the working processes of dance dramaturgy, around the time when this “new craft” was just emerging.

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