50 YEARS OF FIRST DRAFTS – Sangeeta Wylie


Every PTC artist has a story of their “first” with the company.

Here’s Sangeeta Wylie’s:

August 10, 2023 – “Happy anniversary PTC!! I had the immense pleasure of working with Heidi Taylor from 2017-2018 on my first draft of we the same, with the working title, The Boat People. PTC’s partnership with Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre meant 3 MSG Lab I participants got to work with PTC dramaturges for six months. Having only co-authored a one-act play before, Heidi’s patience was likely tested as she invited me to think about structure in a different way, to dig deeper, to immerse myself. Her expertise led me from a submission of 3 scenes (pictured), to a first draft in six months. With the play’s selection into MSG Lab II, I felt like I won the lottery: three more months of Heidi’s dramaturgy! I believe she and PTC should be proud of what eventually becamewe the same four and a half years later, with a successful premiere at the Cultch, livestream audience records of 13 countries, rave reviews, 6 Jessie nominations (2 wins), and inclusion in a University of Victoria curriculum. At a recent event, the Vietnamese community honoured me for giving voice to their stories, and it made me think of Heidi and our early days of engaging the community. This is what it’s all about. 

Thank you PTC for shepherding the early stage of the play, for everything you taught me,and for being a community home for playwrights to share diverse perspectives on important stories.”


-Sangeeta Wylie

Pictured: Sangeeta Wylie (playwright) and Manami Hara (director of the first workshop/reading).

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