This year marks 50 years since PTC became an incorporated company. Our 50th Anniversary Matching Campaign begins on Monday, September 18th with the generous support of Stephen Heatley, Bonnie Mah, and Nancy Ross. The campaign aims to raise $20,000 towards the next generation of PTC first drafts. Double your impact by donating now until December 3, 2023!

PTC has been on a constant path of evolution in its 50 years of first drafts. From indie producer in the 70s when Canadian work was a rarity, to festival producer showcasing work in the 80s-00s, to creative collaborator on short- and long-term artist residencies in the 10-20’s, the company has looked to what artists need, not only responding with, but leading new approaches.

As we look to the next 50 years, we don’t have a grand agenda, but an abiding passion to be there on the ground floor when exciting artists are looking for collaborators to build something new. Whether it’s expanding the tools that playwrights have at their fingertips to research and express their content, or building relationships with communities, PTC is there with playwrights, finding the unique path that will help them reach the stage.

We’re grateful to the community of playwrights, local and national, who make up PTC. From first timers in Block A to our Associates who are with us for 3 years, we value the new ideas and new forms they are experimenting with, and the conversations they spark with each other. There are so many people who contribute to PTC’s world, and we’ll be sharing their stories this anniversary season. Playwrights, staff, emerging artists, actors, board members, production teams, audience members, community partners and funders – there are hundreds of makers and thousands of audiences connected each year by the new work blooming at PTC.

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All donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt for the full amount.