Champion the Changemakers

What change do you want to make?

The playwrights at PTC are changemakers. They are bringing the stories of our times to brilliant life, applying their imaginations and artistry to the most urgent questions of this moment.

They craft stories about liberation, about hard conversations, about joy. They fill the space with music, they take their work to the places where people will hear them. We want the voices telling those stories to be vibrant and clear, to reach the hearts and minds they are looking for – to reach you.

Our primary concern right now is to support communities in struggle, and we encourage you to do so as well.

And, if you feel moved, consider joining the community of thinkers and dreamers and doers that are coming to you through PTC. Help us invest deeply in the folks who are telling the stories of the world to come. Artists who are the change, already.

A donation today will support the creation of new work, like yellow objects by Derek Chan, and Made in Canada by Pedro Chamale, both of which PTC has been developing in partnership with rice & beans theatre from their inception.

Help us raise $3000 by May 31, 2021!


Donate Online:

You can make a secure donation to PTC online through CanadaHelps. Make your monthly contribution to sustain new plays all year long, or a one-time donation if you prefer. It’s a quick, easy and safe way to donate. You’ll receive your charitable receipt immediately through CanadaHelps.

Donate By Mail:

You can mail your donation directly to PTC’s office. Simply download, print, and fill out our donor form to send along with your donation to:

1422 William Street
Vancouver, BC V6L 2P7

All donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt for the full amount.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact PTC at 604-685-6228 or email us at

PTC is a registered Canadian charity, BN: 119056463RR0001

Donate Aeroplan miles:

PTC is part of the Aeroplan member donation program, an online platform where Aeroplan members can connect with more than 200 organizations, charities and causes that they care about, and help make a difference in the world by donating their miles to worthy initiatives.  Each charitable donation you make will be topped up by a 10% contribution from Aeroplan.

Donate here.

*Please note that PTC is unable to issue tax receipts for donated Aeroplan miles.



  • Afshin Haidari-Khabbaz
  • Alexandra Lainfiesta
  • Angela Descalzi
  • Anita Small
  • Anonymous
  • Athomas Goldberg
  • Bill Hubbard
  • Carol Sawyer
  • Chapelle Jaffe
  • Charitable Impact Foundation for MaFer Douglas
  • Chelsea Haberlin
  • Christie Denny
  • CI Young
  • Clayton Baraniuk + Jason Dubois
  • Cynthia Carey
  • Darryl Hackett
  • Dave + Cameron Mackenzie Deveau
  • Dave Mott
  • Davey Calderon
  • David Weinakuf
  • DD Kugler
  • Deborah Williams
  • Diane Haynes
  • Ellie O’Day
  • Emma Tibaldo
  • Gary Geddes
  • Gerald Williams
  • Glynis WJ Whiting
  • Heidi Taylor
  • Ian Farthing
  • Jacqueline Forster
  • Jan Derbyshire
  • Jane Flick
  • Jane Heyman
  • Janet Hinton
  • Janice Valdez
  • Jeff Hammond
  • Jeffrey Hammond
  • Jennifer Griffin
  • Jennifer Merrifield
  • Jenny Joe
  • Jerry Wasserman
  • Jessica Choi
  • Jim Fraser
  • Judy Rhodes
  • Julie McIsaac
  • Kathleen Duborg
  • Kathleen Flaherty
  • Keltie Forsyth
  • Kerry Davidson
  • Kevan Bowkett (in Honour of Jessica Schacht)
  • Kristina Lemieux
  • Kyle Loven
  • Leanor Vlug
  • Lenore Rowntree
  • Leslie Bramhill
  • Linda Gorrie
  • Linda Pitt
  • Loretta Seto
  • Lynna Goldhar Smith
  • Lyrica Bradshaw
  • Margo Kane
  • Marion Trimble
  • Mark Vulliamy
  • Martin Kinch
  • Michelle Deines
  • Milton Lim
  • Mindy Parfitt
  • Nancy Jean Ross
  • Natasha McEwen
  • Natasha Nadir
  • Nicolle Nattrass
  • Pamela Hawthorne
  • Patricia Gingras
  • Patrick Ho
  • Pedro Chamale
  • Rena Cohen
  • rice & beans theatre
  • Richard Tse
  • Rick Parnell
  • Robert Heidbreder
  • Roger Howard
  • Rosemary Rowe
  • Sandi Johnson
  • Sarah Banting
  • Shauna Paull
  • Sive O’Neil
  • Stephen Heatley
  • Tanya Marquardt
  • Theatre Replacement
  • Therese + Nick Smortchevsky
  • Tim Carlson
  • Upintheair Theatre
  • Vancouver Film School
  • Xin Xuan Song

In Memoriam Donations:

  • Jane Taylor – In Memory of Dorothy Clarke (Nana)
  • Kathleen Flaherty – In Memory of Sharilyn Calliou
  • Micheline Chevrier – In Memory of Gina Wilkinson
  • Nicola Harwood – In Memory of Biddy Jones