Announcing our Block A Participants 2017

This year, we are delighted to announce that the number of playwrights submitting to Block A, PTC’s popular program for emerging writers, has exceeded the capacity by 500% so four sessions are being convened, two in the fall and two in winter.

The fall 2017 cohort of PTC’s popular Block A program has six writers who will work with playwright mentor mia susan amir for ten weeks starting October 16, 2017 and six who will work with PTC AED Heidi Taylor for ten weeks starting October 12, 2017.

The writers with mia amir are Melisa Hernandez P, Caitlin Fysh, Julia Siedlandowska, Kamila Sediego, Niall McNeil and Jessica Schacht.  The writers working with Heidi Taylor are Sidney Klips, Michelle Martin, Zahida Rahemtulla, Taylor Scott, Bronwyn Carradine and Brandon Barrett.

Block A focuses on opportunities for emerging writers to develop the basic tools of plot, characterization and dialogue while exploring the elasticity of theatrical forms.  They will work on their own projects while offering and receiving support from a talented cohort in a supportive environment.

The winter cohorts, who will begin ten weekly sessions with dramaturg mentors David Geary and Elaine Avila in mid-January have also been selected.  They are Jessica Hood, Angelica Poversky, Kanon Hewitt, Tess LeBlanc, Tricia Trinh, Davey Calderon, Emilio Merritt, Jennifer Martin, Krys Yuan, Kathryn Taddei, Miranda MacDougall and Christina Jastrzembska.


Virago Scholarship

The playwright selected for The Virago Play Series Scholarship for Block A is: Kamila Sediego.

Virago’s mandate: To develop and produce new plays that explore the breadth of female and trans experiences, written by emerging female and femme identified artists.

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