Call for Applications: Wrightspace

  • Accepting Submissions Until: November 13, 2023
  • Informational Open House: Wed Oct 25, 5-7 pm, PL 1422 Studio
  • Dates of Residency: April 11-22, 2024 (with some flexibility)

WrightSpace is where PTC welcomes a small group of professional Canadian playwrights to join us for a short-term residency to work on one of their projects. 

This year, we are inviting proposals for projects with a meaningful relationship to land. We encourage playwrights/creation teams who are developing as or in partnership with Indigenous stewards of the land; as well as refugees/settlers finding ways to be in right relationship to the land and its Nations.

The WrightSpace residency may include small invited audiences as part of the investigation. PTC’s dramaturgical team will support site specific or responsive discovery if that is part of your proposal. Engagement with Indigenous sovereignty and tenancy/reparations is part of this residency’s thought and foundation.

PTC will engage consultants and technical support as required to assist in executing creative proposals. Artists receive a stipend ($2500) and should be available to dedicate significant periods of studio and writing time to the work during the residency. The schedule will be co-designed to create the best working conditions for each creative team. Projects should be based in “Vancouver” and/or in relationship to MST territories.

Applications should include in text or video format:

  • A completed online application form (on the website), 
  • An outline, video conversation, or other brief representation of the piece you are working on
  • What specific elements engage with the land that we’re on, or what questions you hope to pose through WrightSpace
  • The piece can be an idea, an outline, or a script that is already in draft form–we are looking to engage with work that is not yet finished
  • and your resume (s).  

If you’re not sure if this is you, please reach out to with your questions.If there’s another format beyond short video or written form you would like to submit, please reach out to to discuss.