Playwrights Theatre Centre


Call for Submissions for Block P 2020



Playwrights Theatre Centre is calling for submissions for seven sessions on Producing for Theatre called Block P.

Block P will take place on seven Wednesdays, beginning February 19, 2020 and ending in late April. It will be led by Daniel Martin and Dave Mott of Upintheair Theatre, and guests. Sessions will encompass producing from primarily a practical angle: scheduling, budgeting, managing time, money and people, through marketing and promotions, grant writing and fundraising, and the practical aspects of putting up a production. Block P will include in-depth discussion of practices around equity, diversity and inclusion, crafting land acknowledgements and their broader relationship to truth and reconciliation, and the ethics and morals of independent production.

There will be a special session in April to do a site visit of the Cultch and to learn more about meaningful land acknowledgements.

Submissions should include:

  • a description of the project you want to work on
  • a resume
  • and a letter concerning why Block P will serve your needs now

Applicants must be members of PTC.  The fee for Block P is $300, payable on acceptance.   If finances are a barrier, please contact Kathleen Flaherty at PTC to discuss options:

The deadline for submissions is January 20, 2020.

To see details of the program and the program leaders, update your membership and make a submission, please go to our Block P page

“I was impressed with the first session on values.  Very practical, and set the tone for the remaining sessions. The tools and techniques that I learned at Block P have given me the courage to forge ahead with the production of my documentary theatre piece.”  – Mairy Beam