Cold reads and fast takes on new material

Cold Reads and Fast Takes on New Material

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New to cold reads? Want to feel more confident in your cold reading skills? Whether you’re taping auditions for new or unpublished plays or prepping for podcast or online play reading recordings, Cold Reads and Fast Takes on New Material will give you tools to make the most of a text. How do you find meaning, use your voice, and make clear choices? Through practical analysis and repetition within the workshop, you’ll identify your blocks and how to get through them. You may even discover some new scripts you love…

Melanie Yeats (she/her) has over 20 years of performance and directing experience, most recently, casting actors for the popular fiction podcast The Apocrypha Chronicles, produced by re:Naissance Opera. Melanie has extensive training in voice, text interpretation, and audition techniques with instructors such as Richard Armstrong, Karen Kohlhaas, Bill Peters, and Andrew McIlroy. Melanie loves to help performers of all backgrounds identify their unique strengths as cold readers.


“Melanie was a fantastic workshop leader with great energy. She established a very positive culture for the session, was very well prepared, and I would love to take any session with her. I felt really great about this session.”

Workshop Information:

Date: Monday, June 20, 2022
Time: 6 – 9 pm PST (3 hours)
Location: Online via Zoom
This workshop is pay what you choose.

To sign up, please email Melanie at!