Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way

Renae Morriseau (head writer), Savannah Walling and Rosemary Georgeson

Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way is an intersection of a fictional story and a series of ceremonies in the container of a play. The writers, Renae Morriseau, Rosemary Georgeson, and Savannah Walling, are creating a template that will be transformed by encounters with First Nations communities on several territories. The first step in the process is visiting these lands to ask permission to work on their territory. In consultation and collaboration with local community members, a local youth will perform in the event, and cultural references will be woven into the story. The content is focused on the intergenerational impact of colonization/ decolonization. Each community collaboration will transform the work, by sharing differences and commonalities in ceremony, bone games, trickster identities and response to colonization. The event in each community will include contributions of other writers, dancers, drummers, and storytellers as well as emerging artists, and cultural consultants. The intention is that there is also room for formal witnessing in the Salish sense – a spoken public response to the piece by cultural consultants.  The development process will be over the year between the spring of 2017 and the spring of 2018, with potential input from several different Nations and cultures from across Turtle Island.

Weaving Reconciliation: Our Way premieres in Vancouver May 17-19 and May 24-26, 2018  It then embarks on a national tour that includes Penticton, BC, Toronto, ON, and Winnipeg, MB.


Director, Cultural Ambassador, Lead Writer Renae Morriseau
Community-Engagement Liaison, Co-Writer Rosemary Georgeson
Project Artistic Director, Co-Writer Savannah Walling
Producer Terry Hunter
Dramaturg Kathleen Flaherty
Consulting Dramaturgs Keith Barker & Ange Loft