Binary Star

by José Teodoro

Binary Star unfolds in two halves. In the first, Fátima, a Vancouver-based Brazilian-Canadian dancer-choreographer, traverses British Columbia in the fire-choked summer of 2003. Fátima takes an impromptu detour, only to find herself stranded on a lonesome backroad, surrounded by wilderness, and haunted by memories. The second half transpires over the course of a single afternoon in March 2020, the very start of the pandemic. David, a Canadian architectural historian, is in Buenos Aires for a (soon-to-be canceled) conference. Luz, a local curator, invites David to explore Victoria Ocampo House, an architecturally fascinating—and seemingly haunted—heritage site where she is mounting a (soon-to-be canceled) exhibition. The creation of Binary Star has involved research into architecture and forest fires, and hugely informative workshops with choreographers, actors, a projection designer, and dramaturg.  

Unscripted: Binary Star
Incorporating innovative projection design, narrative structure, architectural philosophy, and choreography, Unscripted: Binary Star is an invitation to contribute to our understanding of how we share, reinvent, and receive the stories of our lives.

Unscripted Workshop Credits
Curated and Written by José Teodoro
Dramaturg: Joanna Garfinkel
Projection Designer: Candelario Andrade
Workshop Choreographer: Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg
Workshop Stage Manager: Ingrid Turk
Production Coordinator: Xin Xuan Song
Technical Director: Victoria Bell
Workshop Actors: Alisha Davidson, Ana-Maria Alvarado, and Daniel Deorksen

Developed with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, The BC Arts Council, and PTC’s Associates program.