Chicken Girl

by Derek Chan

PTC and rice & beans theatre have declared a company collaboration for 2018-19 or more as Derek Chan and Pedro Chamale develop their newest projects. Derek and Pedro will continue to work with each other dramaturgically in addition to each writing his own work. Heidi and Kathleen will provide dramaturgical and process design consultation and assistance in developing a structured company creation practice for rice & beans.

Why, indeed, did the chicken cross the road? Chicken Girl’s titular character embarks on a surreal adventure to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of her Uncle Chan. A homesick intergalactic rock star struggles to reconcile with their estranged family. An anxiety-ridden submariner recruits an anthropomorphic cat to settle an old score. Intertwining multilingual dialogue, flamboyant rock numbers, and idiosyncratic marine trivia, three magical worlds collide in front of our eyes as we contemplate the ideas of home, cultural identity, and existence.

Chicken Girl premiered May 24 – June 7, 2019 at the Annex in Vancouver.

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Written & Directed by Derek Chan
Dramaturgy by Heidi Taylor
Amanda Sum as Chicken Girl
BC Lee as Uncle Chan
Maki Yi as Cat
Pedro Chamale as Submariner
Marguerite Hanna as Supersuperstar
Set Design – Shizuka Kai
Costume Design – Christine Reimer
Projection Design – Parjad Sharifi
Composer/Sound Design – Nancy Tam
Lighting Design – Sophie Tang
Props Master – Jessica Hood

Production Manager – Jamie Sweeney
Stage Manager – Maria Zarrillo
Apprentice Stage Manager – Teresa Leung
Publicity Coordinator – Julia Siedlanowska
Digital Marketing Coordinator – Maria Zarrillo