Yellow Objects

by Derek Chan


Inspired by the ongoing pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and the Chinese government’s oppressive enforcement of the National Security Law in July 2020, Yellow Objects weaves together lifetimes of inter-generational trauma, historical helplessness, and persistent defiance.

“This play is a collection of what was, what has been, what is, and what could be. This play is a rally for the ones who are still risking their lives out there. This play is written in remembrance of those who cannot be there anymore. This play is a lament of families broken and loves lost. This play is a warning for anyone who would listen, and for those who would not,” says playwright and director Derek Chan. “Or, maybe, this play is just a feeble protest in face of inevitability. Whatever it is, I hope this play is not too late. Yesterday seems so long ago, and yet tomorrow is farther away still. GFHK, SDGM”

Part digital experience and part theatrical installation, yellow objects invites audiences to question our responsibility to future generations by stepping into a Hong Kong of two eras—2019 and 2050. Audiences can step into the world of yellow objects through the shoes of protagonists Sandra Wong and Uncle Chan. Before visiting the theatrical installation, audiences will take part in a series of short digital narrative adventures, available starting April 19. Then, starting May 11 at the Firehall Arts Centre’s courtyard, viewers can witness the rest of Sandra and Uncle Chan’s journey to Hong Kong from 2019 to 2050—with a trip to the Chinese underworld and beyond—culminating in a final act of political defiance against tyranny.