Decoder 2017 Workshop

G. Lucas Crane showcasing his elaborate analog sound rig at the Decoder 2017 workshop

Theatre and new technologies with Mallory Catlett

February 1, 2016, 6 – 10pm
PTC Test Kitchen
(#202 – 739 Gore Ave., Vancouver)
Register via the PuSh Festival website

AED Heidi Taylor had a chance to see a workshop production of Decoder 2017 in New York in June, and is excited to have Mallory Catlett and her team in a studio residency in a lead up to their Club PuSh performance.

Register now for the workshop, presented by PTC, Theatre Conspiracy and the PuSh Festival, with a creative team that won a Bessie Award for its work. Focused on the use of technology in performance practice, the Decoder 2017 workshop will create a lab environment to showcase and demonstrate specific software and hardware, both analog and digital, used in the creation of Mallory’s work.

From Mallory: “We will be doing a master class on interactive environment as theatrical design using our setup as a model for a wider discussion. We will cover integration of analog technologies and digital programming environments such as Isadora and Max. We won’t be showing excerpts of the show, but we will walk people through the system and talk about the different modes of the performance that are based on the the literary strategies. At PTC, we will be focusing on incorporating new material into the show that specifically deals with The Soft Machine, the first book in The Nova Trilogy by William S. Burroughs. We will come to Vancouver with an augmented system that now ties in performer Jim Findlay by allowing designer Crane to cut-up and control the text that he speaks. Findlay is also working with muscle sensors on his body that trigger sound allowing him to contribute physically to sound of the show. We will be working on refining this new sequence of events for the concert on February 4, 2016 at Club PuSh.”

Register here.