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Playwrights take the biggest risks in theatre – to imagine a new world and bring it to life and to convince people to support their work before it even exists. This process of writing and crafting a play takes a tremendous investment of time – often two to three years alone. Without someone to join them in that risk and journey with financial support, dramaturgical expertise and a community of collaborators, many playwrights’ voices will never be heard. At PTC we dive deeply into the new worlds they create, and help them expand the boundaries of their playwriting and theatre-making by bringing together creativity, experimentation and passion that goes from page to stage. Over the past four decades, our work and in-house expertise at PTC has seeded a new generation of theatre-makers and storytellers that are now emerging with world-class, award- winning work that is changing the way we think about theatre and about the world. With your support, we can continue to cultivate a community where emerging and established playwrights have the support they need to craft the powerful and extraordinary stories that will more deeply connect us to the world and to each other. Join us and set the stage for new and innovative work by Canadian playwrights.

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You can make a secure donation to PTC online through CanadaHelps. Make your monthly contribution to sustain new plays all year long, or a one-time donation if you prefer. It’s a quick, easy and safe way to donate. You’ll receive your charitable receipt immediately through CanadaHelps.

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You can mail your donation directly to PTC’s office. Simply download, print, and fill out our donor form to send along with your donation to:

1422 William Street
Vancouver, BC V6L 2P7

All donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt for the full amount.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact PTC at 604-685-6228 or email us at

PTC is a registered Canadian charity, BN: 119056463RR0001

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  • Agnes Nga Ming Hui
  • Alisha Rahemtulla
  • Andrea Yu
  • Anita Small
  • Anonymous
  • Athomas Goldberg
  • Bonnie Mah
  • Brian Quirt
  • Bryan Wade
  • Carmen Aguirre
  • Carol Sawyer
  • Catherine Ballachey
  • Charitable Impact Foundation for MaFer Douglas
  • CI Young
  • Clayton Baraniuk + Jason Dubois
  • Cynthia Carey
  • Daniel McLeod
  • Darryl Hackett
  • Dave + Cameron Mackenzie Deveau
  • Dave Mott
  • Davey Calderon
  • David Volpov
  • DD Kugler
  • Diane Haynes
  • Don Davies
  • Duncan Watts-Grant
  • Ellie O’Day
  • Emma Tibaldo
  • Heidi Taylor
  • Howard Dai
  • Husein Rahemtulla
  • Ian Farthing
  • Jan Derbyshire
  • Jane Flick
  • Jane Heyman
  • Jane Taylor
  • Janet Hinton
  • Janina Deveau
  • Jeffrey Hammond
  • Jennifer Merrifield
  • Jim Fraser
  • Julie McIsaac
  • June Pang
  • Kathleen Dubourg
  • Kathleen Flaherty
  • Keltie Forsyth
  • Kerry Davidson
  • Kevan Bowkett (in Honour of Jessica Schacht)
  • Kristina Lemieux
  • Kyle Loven
  • Leanor Vlug
  • Linda Gorrie
  • Linda Pitt
  • Lisa Mennell
  • Lyrica Bradshaw
  • Mairy Beam
  • Margo Kane
  • Marion Trimble
  • Mark Vulliamy
  • Martin Kinch
  • Melanie Yeats
  • Michelle Deines
  • Nancy Jean Ross
  • Nasreen Rahemtulla
  • Natasha McEwen
  • Natasha Nadir
  • Neil Kandalgaonkar
  • Nicola Harwood
  • Patrick Ho
  • Pedro Chamale
  • Riaz Bandali
  • rice & beans theatre
  • Roger Howard
  • Rosemary Rowe
  • Sabrina Vellani
  • Salim Rahemtulla
  • Sandi Johnson
  • Sarah Banting
  • Schein Foundation
  • Shauna Paull
  • Shehin Rahemtulla
  • Sheila Ross
  • Stephen Heatley
  • Tanya Marquardt
  • Terry Whitehead
  • Theatre Replacement
  • Tim Carlson
  • Upintheair Theatre
  • Vancouver Film School
  • William Layng
  • Xin Xuan Song
  • Zahida Rahemtulla

In Memoriam Donations:

  • Jane Taylor – In Memory of Dorothy Clarke (Nana)
  • Kathleen Flaherty – In Memory of Sharilyn Calliou
  • Martin Kinch – In Memory of William O. Lane
  • Micheline Chevrier – In Memory of Gina Wilkinson
  • Nicola Harwood – In Memory of Biddy Jones