Melanie Yeats Takes on New Position at PTC


PTC is recognizing the exceptional leadership contributions of Melanie Yeats, our Operations Manager, as she moves into the new position of Creative Managing Director. Melanie joined PTC in 2016, and during her tenure with the organization has led on policy development, advocacy, and the transition to our new home at PL 1422. She brings a high degree of rigour and insight to the creative management of the company. In her new role, she will provide partnership to AED Heidi Taylor in board management, represent the company at PACT, and continue to apply her exceptional creative skills to the organizational vision as we respond to a rapidly-shifting context. Melanie has brought her performance skills to the community with her Cold Reads workshops, and has been an active member of PL 1422, as part of the hiring committee for the C-Space Operations Manager. In her freelance practice, she is a performer, director, playwright, dramaturg, and producer. Upcoming projects include Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg’s The Body Project, Fairlith Harvey’s Kill the Ripper, and The Apocrypha Chronicles, an interactive podcast with Re:Naissance Opera.

“PTC constantly reimagines how to make theatre, and the creative management that makes that possible is crucial to our success. I am so pleased that Melanie will have more room to lead within the company and the community,” says AED Heidi Taylor.

“I have truly found a home here over the past four years”, says Melanie. “The PTC community is made up of such generous, innovative theatre makers that it is a joy to engage with them all. More than ever, it is vital that we give voice to artists who seek to bring about new realities in our world. It is my honour to continue to support this work.”