Halo-Halong Tunog

Close your eyes, put on some headphones, and let the sound of waves pull you under. “Halo-Halong Tunog” or sound mix in English is a 5 minute immersive and kaleidoscopic soundscape written by Kamila Sediego and mixed by SeekersInternational.  It explores Filipinx family histories, both spoken and unspoken.

This piece draws heavily on interviews conducted with elders and knowledge holders in Kamila’s family and among her family friends (Remedios Sediego, Francisco Sediego, Lina Ausejo, Raymond Yeh, Nora Laureles, Eleanore Laureles Conen, Dorothy Laureles Patzer, May Ann Laureles, and Niña Laureles Denis), in which she learned of a significant event involving her mother and Filipinx mythological creatures, the engkanto. The piece also sources larger conversations about generational trauma, ecological collapse, and cultural preservation conducted with Filipinx community members in January 2022.