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Catherine Joell MacKinnon

A former Festival Director of the Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival, Catherine Joell MacKinnon is an award-winning filmmaker known for her documentaries, film and television work. She was the ACTRA Woman of the Year Award 2016 recipient and the Deaf Community Consultant for the Deaf Artists and Theatres Toolkit (DATT), Cahoots Theatre. Catherine participated in Stratford Festival Second Track Lab in early October 2018 and worked with the cast of The Music Man. Selected Theatre Credits: Silence (Grand Theatre & National Arts Centre), After The Blackout (Rare Theatre/Soulpepper), ASLImprov (DeafWest Theatre), cas9 (Robertson Theatre); ASL DI: Monday Nights (Luminato Festival), Ultrasound (Cahoots Theatre), The Enchanted Loom (Cahoots Theatre).

In addition to ASL Coaching, she also worked on the feature horror film The Silence, as well as in recent theatre productions of Good Morning Vietmom (Cahoots Theatre) and ART (Soulpepper Theatre). Catherine was the only Canadian producer for The Hammer, a feature film biopic of Matt Hamill.