José Teodoro

José Teodoro’s plays include Mote, The Tourist and Cloudless, which was recently adapted into an audio-drama presented by Canadian Stage. José is co-author, with Mexican artist Laura Barrón, of Cathedral, a bilingual 3.5-metre-long book of text and image. The Rusted Floor, José’s recent essay about dreams, ghosts, architecture and the pandemic, appeared in Brick 106. José is also a culture writer, contributing essays, interviews and reviews to publications such as The Globe & Mail, Film Comment and The Literary Review of Canada. José’s current projects include a book of conversations with filmmaker Peter Mettler, a screen adaptation of Cloudless for producer Hugh Gibson, a book-length work of literary nonfiction, and new performance works, such as Island, which was developed as part of PTC’s WrightSpace program and the Banff Playwrights Retreat, and Binary Star, which he’ll be developing as a PTC Associate.

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