Episode 2: Lili Robinson, Anais West, Tricia Trinh


I chat with three theatre artists, Lili Robinson, Tricia Trinh and Anais West. You’ll hear about their upcoming projects and the ways they boldly integrate disparate sources of inspiration for their projects, ranging from queer Polish punk rock to attachment theory.

Episode transcript available here.

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Discussions of discrimination and anti-Black racism


Guest Bios

Lili Robinson (she/they) is a playwright, poet, actor and community organizer based on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. Lili is passionate about centring voices at the intersections of queerness, Black diaspora, socio-economic diversity and femme identity in their work. Since graduating Studio 58 in 2018, Lili has worked and trained with companies including Theatre Replacement, Playwrights Theatre Centre, Rumble Theatre, New Harlem Productions, the frank theatre, and the Arts Club. Lili is the playwright of Mx, Resident Curator at rEvolver Festival, and the Community Engagement Producer at Playwrights Theatre Centre. Lili is currently working on two new plays, Infest and Maroon, as well as several ongoing community initiatives to uplift Black artists and Black arts history in so-called Vancouver. While theatre is her primary practice, poetry and spoken word are her first loves. @lilrobmakesthings

Anais (they/he/she) is a queer, genderfluid writer, actor and producer, as well as a Polish settler based on the occupied lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. Their work is interdisciplinary — through hybrid art, they grapple with the multiplicity that exists in gender, sexuality, culture and self. Their plays have merged theatre with film, poetry, pop and punk music, and have been presented by Buddies in Bad Times’ Theatre and Theatre Passe Muraille in Tkaronto; by Rumble Theatre’s Tremors Festival, Queer Arts Festival, Zee Zee Theatre and the frank theatre in Vancouver and by the Fresh Fruit Festival in NYC. As the co-writer of Poly Queer Love Ballad, Anais was the 2018 winner of PTC’s Fringe New Play Prize and the Georgia Straight Critic’s Choice Award, and he’s been nominated for two Jessie Richardson Awards, including Outstanding Original Script.  As an actor, Anais has worked with Savage Society, the Firehall Arts Centre, the Only Animal, Rumble Theatre, Théâtre La Seizième, and Carousel Theatre. Anais is the Artistic Producer at the frank theatre company. Next up, Anais will be performing in the touring production of Une. Deux. Trois by Mani Soleymanlou at the NAC’s French Theatre. @anais_west

 Tricia Trinh is a queer, genderfluid, interdisciplinary, Chinese – Vietnamese – Canadian, theatre artist; with a background in directing, playwriting, curating, performing and producing. A graduate of UVic Phoenix Theatre. Trinh’s artistic practice investigates cross-disciplinary synthesis as active ingredients in live storytelling that dissects intersectional identity. They approach theatre as the most direct vessel in which we can share with one another our humanity. Creative highlights include: June 2018 Trinh directed and produced their play Probability [rEvolver Festival;] founding Dusty Foot Productions: an emerging, interdisciplinary, female identifying and non-binary centric, theatre co. – committed to spotlighting QTBIPOC narratives. September 2019 Trinh directed and produced their play Red Glimmer [Vancouver Fringe]. October 2020 Trinh directed a workshop presentation of an excerpt of their latest play in development Attachments [Tremors Festival,] with the support of Canada Council for the Arts. Since fall of 2021 Trinh has been on the collective leadership team of Rumble Theatre’s New Creation Events as Artistic Producer; with “Liminal  Magic,” “Lupercalia” and “Ostara”. Trinh  is also the Youth Program Producer for the frank theatre co’s Telling It Bent program. Trinh’s latest creative endeavor included Assistant Directing “we the same” by Sangeeta Wylie; a vital narrative that honoured their ancestral roots [Ruby Slippers Theatre]. @dustyfoot_trinh