Playwrights Theatre Centre


Block A

Block A is for playwrights who have written in class or in their kitchens, maybe had a short piece produced. And for theatre artists who have thought of themselves primarily as actors or as stage managers or directors, but have the itch to write for performance. It’s for artists who write for all kinds of performance from spoken word to performance art to songs, who primarily write for themselves or someone else to perform live in front of an audience. We’ve even had a few screenwriters who want to learn classic playwriting skills to help them build story and action. Each Block A cohort of six writers meets for ten weeks with a senior playwright mentor. The content and flow of Block A depends on the varied interests of the writers and the senior playwright mentor, who integrates their own practices and inspirations into the sessions. The writers discuss the fundamentals of writing for performance in a variety of styles, and explore imagination-stimulating writing exercises to expand their craft. They learn from each other and get a sense of the collaborative nature of theatre making. We encourage writers of performance in all forms to submit to be part of Block A.

Playwrights in this program: