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Fringe New Play Prize

Fringe shows are the poster children for self-produced theatre – Fringe shows allow an artist or a company to develop their aesthetic and find their audience. Through the Fringe New Play Prize, PTC and the Vancouver Fringe offer BC artists a leg up in the process with material support – eight months dramaturgy, some free creation and rehearsal space, a free spot in our how-to-produce-theatre seminar series, Block P, and a free space on the Fringe Mainstage. All told, the Fringe New Play Prize is a juicy package with a $8000 value. The production costs are the responsibility of the applicant.

2019 Fringe New Play Prize Project: Mx

What of culture and ancestry lives within us, and how much is determined by our upbringing? If a part of your identity has never been nurtured, do attempts to rekindle it amount to appropriation? Does blood equal belonging? These questions form the world of Mx, a boundary-pushing, bouffon-inspired work exploring what it means to be mixed-race and Black in the world today. Pulling on elements of satire, physical theatre, and mythology from the African Diaspora, Mx cracks open notions of Black and queer identity through the lens of a character stuck in the in-between.

Mx premieres at the Vancouver Fringe Sept. 5-15, 2019

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