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Fringe New Play Prize

Fringe shows are the poster children for self-produced theatre – Fringe shows allow an artist or a company to develop their aesthetic and find their audience. Through the Fringe New Play Prize, PTC and the Vancouver Fringe offer BC artists a leg up in the process with material support – eight months dramaturgy, some free creation and rehearsal space, a free spot in our how-to-produce-theatre seminar series, Block P, and a free space on the Fringe Mainstage. All told, the Fringe New Play Prize is a juicy package with a $8000 value. The production costs are the responsibility of the applicant.

2019 Fringe New Play Prize Project: Mx

What of culture and ancestry lives within us, and how much is influenced by our upbringing? If a part of your identity has never been nurtured, do attempts to rekindle it amount to appropriation? Does blood equal belonging? These questions form the world of Mx, a boundary-pushing, bouffon-inspired work exploring what it means to be mixed-race and Black in the world today. As our clown protagonist ricochets through representations of Blackness from historical to present-day, notions of racial identity are cracked open in a mashup of disciplines, examining colonial narratives through the lens of a character stuck in the in-between.

Mx premieres at the Vancouver Fringe Sept. 5-15, 2019

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