Playwrights Theatre Centre


PTC Associates

PTC’s Associates are theatre makers at any stage of their careers with vision for new live performance. Not a commissioning program, The Associates seeds a process and provides resources to get to a production draft. Each writer defines their own way of working, whether studio based or behind the computer. Over three years, through collegial conversations, retreats and workshops, the group develops a community of mutual support and creative connection.

We have chosen five playwrights as PTC Associates 2017 – 20. The five are developing four new projects: in Salesman in China the team of Leanna Brodie and Jovanni Sy uses a landmark production of Death of a Salesman in Beijing to centre a drama about the search for understanding across great personal and cultural divides;  Tetsuro Shigematsu investigates the life of a hikikomori girl searching for her father in the real and virtual worlds in a piece called Suicide Forest. Kendra Fanconi is engaging with children as they explore and control their environment and relationships. Right now it’s called Thingamabob, a child’s name for the imaginative worlds kids build that can hold the truth of who they are. Veronique West’s project, Where the Devil Can’t Go, uses fact and fiction, poetry and documentary to dramatize the effects of personal and political trauma on a mother and daughter’s relationship.

Playwrights in this program: