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PTC’s Associates are theatre makers at any stage of their careers with vision for new live performance. Not a commissioning program, The Associates seeds a process and provides resources to get to a production draft. Each writer defines their own way of working, whether studio based or behind the computer. Over three years, through collegial conversations, retreats and workshops, the group develops a community of mutual support and creative connection.

We chose five playwrights as PTC Associates 2017 – 20. The five developed four new projects: in Salesman in China the team of Leanna Brodie and Jovanni Sy uses a landmark production of Death of a Salesman in Beijing to centre a drama about the search for understanding across great personal and cultural divides;  Tetsuro Shigematsu investigates the life of a hikikomori girl searching for her father in the real and virtual worlds in a piece called Suicide Forest. Kendra Fanconi is engaging with children as they explore and control their environment and relationships. Right now it’s called Thingamabob, a child’s name for the imaginative worlds kids build that can hold the truth of who they are. In SzeptyVeronique West uses family secrets and a ritual from her mother’s homeland to investigate their psychological and political inheritance.

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