PTC Platforms

PTC Platforms is a space to explore the worlds of five projects in development. The playwrights and their collaborators are bringing their themes and imagery into film, audio, illustration, music, and interactives, following their ideas into new online spaces. It's an invitation to think of theatre as a springboard that can take us anywhere. Dive in!

Halo-Halong Tunog

By Kamila Sediego

Close your eyes, put on some headphones, and let the sound of waves pull you under. “Halo-Halong Tunog” or sound mix in English is a 5 minute immersive and kaleidoscopic soundscape written by Kamila Sediego and mixed by SeekersInternational.  It explores Filipinx family histories, both spoken and unspoken.

The Horror Lab

By Mily Mumford

Presented as a part of PTC Platforms, The Horror Lab is an interactive short film meets research survey exploring horror themes and tropes to determine what scares YOU the most. Access it here on Typeform.

Illustration by Kara Sievewright featuring a huge pile of donations

The Frontliners

By Zahida Rahemtulla

In 2021, I began to develop The Frontliners for the stage with Playwrights Theatre Centre’s New Play in Development Prize. The Frontliners is a comedic drama about three employees stationed at an East Van hotel tasked with managing the arrival and housing of Syrian refugees against an impossible housing market and timeframe. 

Through PTC Platforms,  Zahida Rahemtulla had a chance to explore the visual and musical dimensions of the play with artist Kara Sievewright and musician Farouk Al-Sajee through these Facebook posts.

Binary Star

By José Teodoro

In this PTC Platforms project, Binary Star manifests as a series of very short films designed for dissemination on online platforms. These flash-fiction-like audiovisual travelogues combine the voices of the two primary characters from the eponymous theatrical work-in-progress, music from Stephen Lyons, and moving images of architecture and wilderness captured by a host of collaborators—directors, cinematographers, visual artists—located in various countries.

Unscripted: Mermaid Spring

By The Public Swoon

Words from Reed (filmmaker):

In the autumn of 2020, I brought fibre forms from the Mermaid Spring crowd-crafting project, hyperbolic and hairy, into a development site in what is contemporarily-known as Mt. Pleasant in so-called Vancouver. The particular site pictured was, prior to colonial development, at the edge of dense rainforest, opening out onto a large swampy lake rich with berries and medicinal plants like Labrador Tea.