Each summer, PTC runs a staff-led workshop series for all kinds of areas within theatre and writing. These workshops are designed for everyone — from mid-career artists looking to reinvigorate their process to beginners looking to get their hands dirty. They are pay-what-you-choose.

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Upcoming Workshops

Coming soon!
Registration for all workshops launches on April 3, 2023.


Past Workshops

bridging the gap: an exploration of poetry – with kitchen mckeown

Poetry is a gateway. It allows us to make connections and find meaning in mystery. In this workshop, we will wake up our poetic senses, begin to generate a sustainable and fulfilling writing practice, and embrace self-expression. This workshop is open to artists, writers, playwrights, actors, or anyone interested in picking up a writing practice. No need to have studied poetry or writing in any formal capacity.

Writing From Real History – Including Your Own — with Joanna Garfinkel

Learn to work from archival documents, family history, personal memoir, and other “real” texts.


“Joanna was terrific. Very knowledgeable with a wealth of relevant experience. I felt completely welcomed and valued although I have never published anything and this project is my first foray into creative writing since junior high school.”

Cold reads and fast takes on new material
Cold Reads and Fast Takes on New Material — with Melanie Yeats

New to cold reads? Want to feel more confident in your cold reading skills? Whether you’re taping auditions for new or unpublished plays or prepping for podcast or online play reading recordings, Cold Reads and Fast Takes on New Material will give you tools to make the most of a text. How do you find meaning, use your voice, and make clear choices? Through practical analysis and repetition within the workshop, you’ll identify your blocks and how to get through them. You may even discover some new scripts you love…


“Melanie was a fantastic workshop leader with great energy. She established a very positive culture for the session, was very well prepared, and I would love to take any session with her. I felt really great about this session.”

Headshot of Davey Calderon in front of blue and orange image containing information for his Embodied Character Making Workshop.
Embodied Character Making — with Davey Calderon

Wanting to write a play with dynamic characters? Or create a performance where your personality is bigger-than-life from yourself? Or do you want to try out a persona you’ve always been curious to play with?

This performance and writing workshop helps tap into the greatest source of character development for any writer or performer: you. Using clowning and physical theatre techniques and writing exercises, Embodied Character Making provides tools for you to create dynamic characters for any writing or performance project. Find inspiration with just your imagination and your body.