PTC Announces Block A Participants Fall 2020


We are pleased to announce that, once again, the number of playwrights submitting to Block A, PTC’s popular program for emerging writers, has been plentiful, so four sessions are being convened, two in the fall and two in winter.

The Fall 2020 cohort has six writers who will work with playwright Block A leader David Geary for ten weeks starting October 19, 2020 and six who will work with playwright Block A leader Chris Gatchalian for ten weeks starting October 20, 2020.

The writers with Chris Gatchalian are Amal Rana, Kay Papania, Monique Flynn, Coe, Sangeeta Wylie, Santana Berryman and Wendy Judith Cutler. The writers working with David Geary are Arthi Chandra, Andie Lloyd, Francis Dowlatabadi, Howard Dai, Leah Abramson and Taryn Goodwin.

Block A focuses on opportunities for emerging writers to develop the basic tools of plot, characterization and dialogue while exploring the elasticity of theatrical forms. They will work on their own projects while offering and receiving support from a talented cohort in a supportive environment. We’re also happy to report that our fundraising has allowed our writers this year to benefit from a subsidy. We are aware of the impediments to income that artists are experiencing, and we are continuing to look into short and long-term ways to support them at this time.

The Winter 2021 cohorts have been chosen, but an official announcement of those writers and their leaders will be happening soon.