PTC Announces WrightSpace 2020 Participants


This year our WrightSpace Residency program, taking place December 7-20, is focused on investigating and applying different means of increasing access under COVID, “Beyond the Zoom.”

WrightSpace will be divided into two weeks. The first, a “winter camp” for process design around the application of new tools for dissemination, will involve five days, four hours a day of collaborative work. Around 6-8 artists will work with case studies and examples the first day, then be set out on technical challenges for each of the succeeding four days, each day structured around a particular tool, and concluding with the potential of sharing or discussion.

The second week will be limited to three artists. These artists will have had the benefit of the camp week, and will each work with a dramaturg to reach the goals stated on their initial application.

Participants in the full program are :

Scott Button – working with Dramaturg Joanna Garfinkel
Tanya Marquardt
– working with Dramaturg Heidi Taylor
Anais West – co-dramaturged by Davey Calderon, Joanna Garfinkel and Heidi Taylor

Joining us by invitation for camp week are June Fukumura and Keely O’Brien, Derek Chan and Lili Robinson.