PTC focuses WrightSpace 2019/20 on Deaf theatre


PTC is convening our thirteenth annual 10-day residency, WrightSpace, in Vancouver, BC, in January of 2020.

Each year, PTC invites professional Canadian playwrights to pitch a short-term residency project for a 10-day development intensive. PTC works with each participant to create a process tailored to their play, which may include workshops with actors, dramaturgical sessions, studio work, or design consults.

PTC has been engaged in increasing its cultural competency in Deaf-led theatre this past season, and is committed to process design that foregrounds Deaf knowledge and leadership. This year, we are interested in creating an opportunity for creative exchange with Deaf artists. To that end, we are directly contacting companies and collaborations led by Deaf artists who would like to collaborate with PTC on a collaboratively-designed bilingual development process (ASL-English). To ensure proper resourcing of Deaf cultural consultants, ASL Master, and Deaf interpreters, we plan to focus on a single project for WrightSpace 2019/20.

If you are a Deaf artist or group of collaborators living in Canada who have a project that might qualify and we haven’t connected with you, please contact Heidi Taylor  by July 4th. We are happy to provide ASL interpretation for any inquiries.

We will announce the WrightSpace project by the end of August.