PTC presents UNSCRIPTED: yellow objects

Image of people in yellow raincoats holding hands overlayed on images of protestors and the romanization of the first half of a HK protest slogan


Live encounters, in your living room


Date: Sunday, November 1, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm
Ticket access: FREE, registration required
Low Vision Friendly live-stream


PTC’s Unscripted series brings playwrights, audiences, and the imagination together.


Hong Kong, 2050: a young woman meets an old man in an abandoned school, and discovers a history beyond her wildest dreams… or nightmares. What is our responsibility to future generations? If changing the past might change the future, how far would you go?

In PTC’s first online Unscripted on Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 7:00pm PST, join playwright Derek Chan and co-host Davey Calderon (Dramaturg, Public Engagement) as they bring the voices of Hong Kong democracy activists in Vancouver into conversation with Derek’s play-in-development, yellow objects*. The imposition of Beijing’s National Security Law** in Hong Kong has sent pro-democracy activists around the world underground. Twenty-three years after the British handover of Hong Kong to mainland China, the 50-years of autonomy deal has been broken. Hear the voices of activists who continue to work for the freedom of Hong Kong.

A mix of live and pre-recorded conversations, with audiences engaging via Vimeo and Telegram, Unscripted gives Derek a chance to dig deeper into the political issues at the heart of yellow objects, and offers viewers insights into how the political crisis in Hong Kong is affecting Hong Kongers around the globe. Monologues from the play, voiced by Vancouver favourite Hiro Kanagawa, with original music, will bring the poetics of the political into view as the play’s designers share their imagined versions, live and digital, of the world of yellow objects.

In the lead up to November 1st, follow PTC on IGTV (@ptcplaywrights) for streamers of Derek watching Hong Kong horror films as he investigates their aesthetic influence on the play (spoiler alert: Derek is afraid of horror films).

黃色物件 (wong4 sik7 mat9 gin2): n. derog., lit. “yellow object”. Coined by Caucasian Hong Kong Police Force Acting Senior SP (Ops) Vasco Williams at a press conference, disputing video evidence showing police officers kicking a man on the ground, who was wearing a yellow vest.

**National Security Law: A person, within the Region or overseas, with a view to overthrow or undermine the body of power of the People’s Republic of China or the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years to life imprisonment.

Date:                            SUNDAY, November 1, 2020 | 7:00 – 7:45 PM
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PTC: Reimagine Theatre

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.
Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.

PTC would like to thank Canadian Heritage, Canada Council for the Arts and BC Arts Council. We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

The Playwright would like to thank the Canada Council, BCAC, Province of BC, City of Vancouver, PTC, VACT, the National Arts Centre English Theatre Artist in Residence Program, and rice & beans theatre. The Playwright acknowledges the assistance of the 2020 Banff Playwrights Lab – a partnership between the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and the Canada Council for the Arts. The NAC English Artist in Residence program is made possible with assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts.


Derek Chan (陳嘉昊) is a resident of Canada and a citizen of Hong Kong. Derek grew up in colonial Hong Kong, studied in Norway, and currently lives in Vancouver. He received his BFA in theatre performance from Simon Fraser University. A playwright, director, performer, translator, and producer, Derek has been co-artistic director of rice & beans theatre since 2010. He has also worked with Playwrights Theatre Centre (artistic director apprentice), Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (associate artistic producer), and the rEvolver Festival (guest curator). In 2015, Derek was awarded the Vancouver Fringe New Play Prize with Starstuff: per aspera ad astra. At the 2016 Glassco Translation Residency hosted by Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal, Derek translated Jovanni Sy’s A Taste of Empire (Cantonese title: 食盡天下/Sik Zeon Tin Haa). The play was subsequently nominated for a Dora Award (Best Touring Production) in 2018. His Chicken Girl (2019/20) was nominated for Outstanding Original Script at the Jessies, and won the Sydney Risk Award for Outstanding Original Play by an Emerging Playwright. Derek was part of the 2020 Banff Playwrights Lab, and has been a National Arts Centre English Theatre Artist in Residence (19/20) with yellow objects, a new play about the ongoing pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.

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2020年11月01日星期日晚上7時北美太平洋時間, PTC首場網上Unscripted」中,劇作家陳嘉昊(Derek Chan)及共同主持人Davey Calderon(劇作顧問、公眾諮詢)將為觀眾進行香港民主社運人士在溫哥華的聲音與陳嘉昊發展中的話劇《黃色物件》*之間的對話。北京中央政府在香港施行的《國安法》**,已使世界各地民主社運人士轉入地下。英國將香港主權移交於中國23年後,一國兩制、五十年不變的承諾已成謊言。借此機會來聆聽仍然為香港自由而努力的社運人士的聲音。

「Unscripted」將結合預先錄製以及現場直播的對話,並有觀眾通過Vimeo及Telegram參與。陳嘉昊將趁此機會更深入地探討《黃色物件》中的核心政治議題,並幫觀眾了解到香港政治危機對全球香港人有怎樣的影響。伴隨著《黃色物件》的劇作家分享他們想像中現場和數碼「黃色物件」的世界,帶原創音樂的話劇獨白將由溫哥華劇界紅人金川弘敦(Hiro Kanagawa)表演,將政治中的詩意擺在面前。


*黃色物件 (wong4 sik7 mat9 gin2)
:(名)貶義,最初由香港警務處一名白人高級警司(行動)韋華高(Vasco Williams)在記者會上用來形容視頻證據中多名警員踢地上穿黃衣的一名男子,以反駁此證據。


PTC: 重設戲劇. 更多詳情


This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.
Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.

PTC感謝加拿大文化遺產(Canadian Heritage)、加拿大藝術委員會(Canada Council for the Arts)以及卑詩藝術委員會(BC Arts Council)。我方感激卑詩省政府的資助。

劇作家希望感謝加拿大藝術委員會、北市藝術委員會、卑詩省政府、溫哥華市政府、PTC、VACT、全國藝術中心(National Arts Centre)英文劇作家駐留計劃以及米豆劇團(rice & beans theatre)。劇作家也感激2020年班夫劇作家實驗室(Banff Playwrights Lab),即是班夫藝術及創意中心(Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity)與加拿大藝術委員會合作項目。全國藝術中心的英文藝術家駐留計劃由加拿大藝術委員會資助。



陳嘉昊Derek Chan)是加拿大居民及香港公民。陳嘉昊在殖民時代的香港長大,在挪威上學,目前居住在溫哥華。 他畢業於西門菲沙大學的戲劇表演專業,獲得了藝術學士學位。陳嘉昊是一位劇作家、導演、演員、翻譯、製作人,而且他自2010年以來擔任米豆劇團的共同藝術總監。他曾在劇作家戲劇中心(Playwrights Theatre Centre)當藝術總監學徒、在溫哥華亞裔加拿大人劇團(Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre)當副藝術製作人以及在rEvolver戲劇藝術節當客席策展人。戲劇節2015年,陳嘉昊的話劇《Starstuff:per aspera ad astra》獲得了溫哥華藝穗節的新話劇獎。在由滿地可劇作家研討會(Playwrights’Workshop Montreal)主辦的2016年Glassco翻譯駐留計劃中,陳嘉昊翻譯了施崇梵(Jovanni Sy)的《食盡天下》(A Taste of Empire)。隨後,該話劇獲得了2018年最佳巡迴演出多啦獎(Dora Award)的提名。他2019-2020年寫的《雞女郎》獲得了突出原創劇本的傑西獎提名,並且贏得了新興劇作家的傑出原創劇本悉尼·利斯克獎。陳嘉昊曾參與2020年班夫劇作家實驗室,並作為全國藝術中心2019-2020年的英文戲劇駐留藝術家,完成了《黃色物件》,一齣關於香港民主運動的新話劇。



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