Remount of This Stays in the Room


“…an innovative, sensual feast. ” –Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight 

PTC is excited to support the remount of This Stays in the Room. The play animates the PTC Test Kitchen for its rehearsal period, and dramaturg Heidi Taylor will again be part of the creation team. Second productions are a valuable and too rare occurrence in Vancouver theatre, offering the team a chance to dive deeper into the material, continuing its development during the remount process. A new space and a new story or two will make this project worth seeing a second time.

Man standing in front of neon blue projection of hand-drawn squigglesWhen This Stays in the Room premiered last spring, it was in an art gallery in the Downtown East Side. Now this bold exploration of what it requires to face ourselves and others as we grapple with shame, forgiveness, vulnerability and hope has moved to the stage of the Waterfront Theatre and is bringing the audience up out of the stalls. Seated on the stage in the midst of the action, the audience will be invited to act as witness to the disquiet of other people’s internal dialogue and struggle. Each scene pushes the public/private boundaries of
what is socially acceptable to talk about and reveal to others.

No holds barred. No sacred cows.”  – Jo Ledingham, On the Scene

Cast of This Stays in the Room dancingThis Stays in the Room features the original cast: Alexa Devine, Manami Hara, Allan Morgan & Robert Salvador; the same stellar design team: Cande Andrade, Andreas Kahre, Noah Drew & Amber Funk Barton; and is directed by Mindy Parfitt.

There are only SIX performances:

Wednesday, February 4 @7pm, Thursday
February 5 @10pm
Friday, February 6 @ 7pm & 10pm
Saturday, February 7 @ 7pm & 10pm

The show runs 60 minutes. Tickets are available online at