Playwrights Theatre Centre


Heidi Taylor

Artistic & Executive Director

Heidi Taylor’s passion for theatre was ignited when she played a robot in a grade six play. Since then, she has moved from acting to dramaturgy as her primary creative activity. Her background in performance creation with cross-disciplinary company Proximity Arts sparked her beginner-mind approach to dramaturgy. She applies principles learned from early mentors DD Kugler and One Yellow Rabbit, and relies on her hands-on experiences with Public Dreams and Leaky Heaven Circus to maintain a sense of passionate liveness in the work. She is interested in the “how” of theatre – how do we create collaborative relationships and processes that inspire artists to make necessary work with transformative power?

Heidi studied theatre and performance at college in Singapore (IB), at University of Toronto (BA), and at Simon Fraser University (MFA). She has collaborated with many companies in Vancouver’s independent theatre community, including The Only Animal, Radix Theatre, Craning Neck and Upintheair. As a solo performer, she has written and produced five shows, mostly seen in site-specific contexts, including a closet and a bathroom. She has also coordinated performers for audiences of 25,000, directed a candlelit procession through the streets of Quebec City, and co-directed Sea of Sand on the beach and in the water of Spanish Banks.

Heidi believes in the role of theatre in encouraging robust civic conversations. She is active in community leadership initiatives, including the Equity in Theatre Steering Committee, Theatre Engagement Project Steering Committee, and as a PACT Speculator Caucus co-chair. She is a former president of LMDA Canada, and a sought-after moderator for conferences and post-show audience engagement. She is actively engaged in inclusion initiatives at the national level, and strives to be a respectful and useful ally in the process of decolonization in the theatre. She lives on Unceded Coast Salish Territory with her partner, a musician and visual artist, two cats in the yard, and kombucha brewing in the cupboard.