Playwrights Theatre Centre


Leanna Brodie

Mentor, Block A

Leanna Brodie is an actor, translator, and playwright: The Vic, For Home and Country, The Book of Esther, and Schoolhouse, published by Talon Books, are regularly performed across Canada. Ulla’s Odyssey, her award-winning opera with Anthony Young, has toured the UK. Her numerous translations include works by Théâtre Motus’ Hélène Ducharme (whose acclaimed Baobab has toured North America and China with over 600 performances) and Christian Bégin (whose After Me earned 5 Jessie nominations for Ruby Slippers Theatre) as well as Catherine Léger’s Opium_37, Rébecca Déraspe’s You Are Happy, and Louise Bombardier’s My Mother Dog (published by Playwrights Canada Press). She has been playwright-in-residence at the Blyth Festival, 4th Line Theatre, Lighthouse Festival Theatre, and Gateway Theatre, and is currently an Associate of Playwrights Theatre Centre. Ruby Slippers premiered her translation of Catherine Léger’s I Lost My Husband! at the Gateway in March, and she has two more premieres next season, in Montréal and Toronto.