A dark image of a woman looking at the back wall where there is a different room being projected.

by José Teodoro


Be part of our experiment in reconciling space, time, and relationships. 

We want your perception of Binary Star.

Date: Sunday, February 11, 2024 @ 7:00 pm PT

Venue: PL 1422 (1422 William Street, Vancouver, BC)*
Ticket access: Pay What You Choose

PTC’s Unscripted series brings playwrights, audiences, and the imagination together.

Unscripted: Binary Star, brings you into José Teodoro (PTC 2021-24 Associate) process, with dramaturgy by Joanna Garfinkel.

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Binary Star unfolds in two halves. In the first, Fátima, a Vancouver-based Brazilian-Canadian dancer-choreographer, traverses British Columbia in the fire-choked summer of 2003. Fátima takes an impromptu detour, only to find herself stranded on a lonesome backroad, surrounded by wilderness, and haunted by memories. The second half transpires over the course of a single afternoon in March 2020, the very start of the pandemic. David, a Canadian architectural historian, is in Buenos Aires for a (soon-to-be canceled) conference. Luz, a local curator, invites David to explore Victoria Ocampo House, an architecturally fascinating—and seemingly haunted—heritage site where she is mounting a (soon-to-be canceled) exhibition. The creation of Binary Star has involved research into architecture and forest fires, and hugely informative workshops with choreographers, actors, a projection designer, and dramaturg.  
Immerse yourself in a living palimpsest of time and geography with Unscripted: Binary Star. Spanning decades and continents, this new play from José Teodoro finds its characters navigating fractured families, historical trauma, new friendships, and tenacious love in a world upended by the climate crisis and the pandemic. Incorporating innovative projection design, narrative structure, architectural philosophy, and choreography, Unscripted: Binary Star is an invitation to contribute to our understanding of how we share, reinvent, and receive the stories of our lives.