Weaving Reconciliation at Heart of the City Festival


You are invited to follow Vancouver Moving Theatre and PTC in the next phase of development of the theatrical production (and cultural encounter) Weaving Reconciliation.

There are three events taking place at the Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival (Oct. 25 – Nov. 5) in Vancouver as part of the process:

Slahal Story and Demonstration
Monday October 23, 6 – 8:30 pm
Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main St.
a collaboration of VMT and PTC

Bone game, Stick game, Slahal Game – gambling games of chance that Indigenous people have played for millennia will be explained by keen players who will then lead a demonstration of this ancient game. For those who enjoy an atmosphere of friendly competition enhanced by music and cultural interpretations from the Coast Salish, and Okanagan Peoples, slahal/stick game will be an exciting addition to the cultural repertoire. For those who already know how to play, you may want to join one of the demonstration teams along with John Dickie Lewis (Musqueam), Tracey Kim Bonneau (Syilx, from the Okanagan), Woodrow Morrison (Haida) and host Renae Morriseau (Saulteaux Cree).

Trickster Talk
Tuesday October 24, 7 pm
Fazakas Gallery, 688 E. Hastings St.

Renae Morriseau, co-writer and director of Weaving Reconciliation, is joined by Tracey Kim Bonneau (Syilx, from the Okanagan), John Dickie Lewis (Musqueam), Ray Thunderchild (Cree), and Woodrow Morrison (Haida). They will talk about Tricksters, one of the characters of Weaving Reconciliation. What is the same and what is different between Raven, Senklip, Weesageechak? Focusing largely on Raven, Senklip (Coyote) and Weesageechak, these beings, a conduit for the Creator, say something about the different nations, their lands, and their world views.

PLAY READING (Work-in-progress)
Weaving Reconciliation by Renae Morriseau, Rosemary Georgeson and Savannah Walling
Thursday October 26, 7 pm
Chief Simon Baker Room, Vancouver Native Friendship Centre
1607 E Hastings St.
a collaboration of VMT and PTC

Join us for a reading of a play-in-progress, Weaving Reconciliation, the story of Old One. Directed by Renae Morriseau with actors, elders and community activists including Vern Z Bevis, Sam Bob, Jenifer Brousseau, Stephen Lytton, Woodrow Morrison, Dakota Prince, Gunargie OSullivan, Marge White, Muriel Williams, and stage manager Dorothy Jenkins. Written by Renae Morriseau, Rosemary Georgeson and Savannah Walling with contributions from the cast, knowledge-keepers and partnering communities; dramaturg is Kathleen Flaherty.

More info at heartofthecityfestival.com