Playwrights Theatre Centre


Niall McNeil

Niall has been involved with theatre from an early age through his long association with the Caravan Farm Theatre and acting with Leaky Heaven Circus in Vancouver since its inception in 1999. He performed in many Leaky shows including Leaky Heaven Circus – Part One, Typhoon, Conference of the Birds, Birthday Boy, King Llyr, Zigguart, Bonobo and Salome. In 2011 Leaky Heaven and Neworld Theatre co-produced Peter Panties, a play written by Niall and Marcus Youssef which was performed at the Push Festival. Peter Panties won a Jesse Richardson Critics’ Choice Innovation Award for theatre.

Niall has most recently been involved in King Arthur’s Night, a play produced by Neworld Theatre, co-created and co-written by Niall, Neworld Artistic Director Marcus Youssef, musical composer Veda Hille and director James Long. Niall performed the role of King Arthur. King Arthur’s Night was commissioned by the Luminato Festival and, in June 2017, it was performed at Luminato and at the National Arts Centre as part of the Canada Scene Festival. Niall loves researching new ideas, writing music and writing plays. Niall also enjoys teaching acting with his friends at the Down Syndrome Research Foundation.