Fay Nass

Mentor, Block A

Fay Nass (She/He/They) is a Vancouver based theatre director, curator, dramaturg, producer and multi-disciplinary artist. She is Artistic Director of the frank theatre company and the founder/AD of Aphotic Theatre. Their work often examines questions of race, sex, and culture, and the challenges these pose to notions of identity. Being an Iranian-Canadian immigrant and a non-binary queer artist, in their work they shine light on liminal spaces in order to shift meanings and create space for cultural exchanges. Fay has been working as a director, dramaturg, writer, producer, curator, educator and consultant for the past 15 years in Vancouver. Her most recent credits include: co-directing Trans Script Part I: The Women (The Frank Theatre and Zee Theatre at Firehall Arts Centre) directing She Mami Wata & the Pussy WitchHunt (the Frank Theatre at PuSh Festival 2020), co-directing Straight White Men (ITSAZOO productions at Gateway Theatre), dramaturgy of Camera Obscura (Hungry Ghosts) (The Frank Theatre & QAF), directing and devising Diaspora: Queer immigrant and refugee stories (The Frank Theatre at QAF). Fay holds a MFA from Simon Fraser University. Currently, they are doing the Artistic Leadership Residency at the National Theatre School of Canada.